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The lil’ guys have come along way since I moved to New Mexico.  They started out as sculptural forms that suggested seeds.  Their desire for motion led to the development of propellers, wheels and wings.  Those elements become part of their form and character.  In recent explorations, I've spent much of my time working with paper, taking a break from steel. This focus on drawing exposed a lack of space for the lil' guys to explore. I took this realization off paper and back into steel to create new characters along with bits and pieces of their world. Much like seeds growing into trees, the lil guys are also maturing and expressing their individual personalities.  They have sprouted legs and appear to start walking.  The building of a space for them to explore was the next step. As they begin their journey into that new space, they encounter unknown objects along the way. Trees and boulders work as landmarks of the first steps in their journey.  They begin to show their feelings and curiosity for their new world.  Expressing their desire for knowledge by exploring their surroundings, the lil guys mimic our drive to explore. 
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Scott Krichau resides atYucca Flats, NM with fellow artist, Carolyn Curtis and their 3 legged dog named Pabst. Using steel and paper to create "lil' guys." Documenting their continual evolution and trying to understand the idiodyssey they are on. Shop online for our artwork.

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