Buttshark is taking a trip to Chicago with a Tree

"Buttshark" and "Mini Tree Urban Tree No. 2" will be shipped off to Chicago late this week.  I arrive late next week, but have a few days off in the Windy city.  Planning on using my Sunday to take photographs of these two playing in the city.  Casting shadows upon the urban environment.  Bringing shade and maybe a smile to a few pedestrians during the day.

I've created three isolated compartments.  Labeled for ease of repacking.  Battery charger included.

Each sculpture has a polyester sock for protection and ease of re-packing at various locations.  Don't forget tape.  

All packed up and ready to go.  The great thing with all that foam to keep the objects safe, the box makes a perfect stool to sit on while shooting photographs.  Just one less thing to worry about.  


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Scott Krichau resides atYucca Flats, NM with fellow artist, Carolyn Curtis and their 3 legged dog named Pabst. Using steel and paper to create "lil' guys." Documenting their continual evolution and trying to understand the idiodyssey they are on. Shop online for our artwork.

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