Lil' Guy set adrift

I set a "Lil' Guy" adrift this weekend.  Now they can swim!  Ok, more like float, but I'm glad they have found water.  A new development in their "Idiodyssey" presents a new space to explore.

The aquatic tree formation is called a "Duzzle Pointer."  It's reminiscent of cattails, but much brighter in color.  They give landmarks in the space to help the "Lil' Guys" find their way.

Here's a look at some "Duzzle Pointers" in actual form.  The sculpture is 30.5" tall and made of painted steel.  Now I just need to figure out how to make the floatation device in dimensional terms.


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Scott Krichau resides atYucca Flats, NM with fellow artist, Carolyn Curtis and their 3 legged dog named Pabst. Using steel and paper to create "lil' guys." Documenting their continual evolution and trying to understand the idiodyssey they are on. Shop online for our artwork.

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