Mini "Urban Tree's" update

Got the first round of green on the trees. Now there are three!  Buttshark is even getting a fresh coat of paint to meet his new neighbors.  I'm excited to have a landscape growing.  It really encourages a dialogue between the lil' guys and their new space.  

The wood platforms will not be part of the final pieces.  Just a necessary stand for handling during the painting process.The finished height of the tallest one is 23".
Now the lil' guys have a forest to explore.  

Here's a look at some painting in action!  It's more enjoyable than watching paint dry.  No. 3 is in the bag.  I already have No. 4 laid out on the welding table,  ready to join the growing forest.  


Scott Krichau resides atYucca Flats, NM with fellow artist, Carolyn Curtis and their 3 legged dog named Pabst. Using steel and paper to create "lil' guys." Documenting their continual evolution and trying to understand the idiodyssey they are on. Shop online for our artwork.

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