Things have been super busy on my idiodessey as of late.  Out of town trips to both coast and way more work than I want, but will happily take it.  I came home with a ream of paper from Chicago.  I did some drawings while there, but more than a couple handfuls.  So I decided that I needed to draw on the rest of the ream.  I've been working, not as often as I should, but they are now complete.  225 drawings done on 11" x 8.5" 110 lbs. cover stock.  Cheap, but package says acid free.  I start with a light sketch, then two layers of acrylic ink wash to lay in the body color.  Colored pencil to darken the shadows followed by a good heavy No. 2 pencil.  It makes them POP.  Here's a quick, by that I mean 53 seconds, look at all 225 "Chicagonauts."


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Scott Krichau resides atYucca Flats, NM with fellow artist, Carolyn Curtis and their 3 legged dog named Pabst. Using steel and paper to create "lil' guys." Documenting their continual evolution and trying to understand the idiodyssey they are on. Shop online for our artwork.

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